The Dark Earth Manga, Volume 1 – Multiple Formats


Volume 1 of the high fantasy yaoi romance from Raythe Reign. 184 pages.


Available in PDF, ePub, and Mobi.
Read a sample of this volume here (PDF.)

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High fantasy yaoi romance. 184 pages.

Volume 1 of our beautiful manga series is now FREE!

Aidan has always dreamed of a different life, one that was somehow more than what he knew. Desperate times force him and his adoptive family to move to Grandfather Patrick’s house on Devil’s Ridge — a tiny, rural town, that is far more than what it seems.

On the Ridge, Aidan finds a world filled with magic, monsters, and terrifying beauty. He has discovered his “different life,” but it isn’t at all what he expected… and not all of it is good. With most of the townspeople involved in the Clan, a dark cult, and Grandfather Patrick as the Clan’s head, Aidan knows he isn’t just imagining that the whole town is out to get him.

When Aidan is lured by an ancient force literally in his own backyard, he is rescued by the mysterious and handsome Asher Vane, who his grandfather calls a “demon”. Is Asher something terrible? More importantly, is Aidan?

Note: This is a double feature!  Our manga volumes are usually 90 drawn pages plus a long short story.  Volume 1, since it’s an introduction, has twice as many drawn pages and no side story.

Read a sample of this volume here (PDF.)

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PDF, ePub, Mobi


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