The Dark Earth Manga, Volume 9 – Multiple Formats


Volume 9 of the high fantasy yaoi romance from Raythe Reign.

Available in PDF, ePub (Nook, Android), and Mobi (Kindle).

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High fantasy yaoi romance.

The soul of feared Elven Mage Kyranna Astrian has been sharing Aidan’s body for Aidan’s entire life… only now, Kyranna has taken that body over for his own purposes.  But regaining control of his own form is the least of Aidan’s troubles as he finds himself in the midst of a love triangle eons in the making.

Sevra reveals to him that Aidan is the reincarnation of the Blood King Magnus Kos, the most powerful Mage the Elves have ever known, the founder of the fabulous Elven city of Liend’r, the king who went mad … and Sevra’s lover.

Though Aidan is attracted to Asher, the Dark Prince has a deep distrust of Mages.  Aidan can’t deny that he is also drawn to Sevra, who encourages his magic.  But is Sevra attracted to him or who he used to be?

Available in PDF, ePub (Nook), and Mobi (Kindle.) PDF is the highest resolution and biggest file size.

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