The Dark Earth Manga, Volume 6 – Multiple Formats


Volume 6 of the high fantasy yaoi romance from Raythe Reign. 90 pages plus extra short story.

Available in PDF, ePub (Nook, Android), and Mobi (Kindle).

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High fantasy yaoi romance. 90 pages plus extra short story.

Dark Prince Asher Vane brings Aidan to the woods for a romantic night in a luxurious tent. Though Aidan is sure of their mutual attraction, Asher is conflicted. The Dark Prince reveals that his heart was broken by another Sidhe Mage, one that Aidan closely resembles.

They sleep chastely next to each other, but Aidan’s mind is not nearly so restrained. He dreams of making love with the Dark Prince, of seeing Asher’s face flushed with passion and experiencing the Sidhe totally unbound. As Aidan straddles a naked and spent Asher in his dream, he sees his reflection in a mirror, but it is not his face in the glass. It is the face of Kyranna Astrian…


Volume 6 contains the extra short story “Mage.” An enigmatic, ancient mage enters money-loving troll Soo’s shop with a deal that involves Aidan Walsh. Though Soo is uneasy about getting involved in the affairs of mages, she finds herself unable to refuse Lord Sevra Kos.

Available in PDF, ePub (Nook), and Mobi (Kindle.) PDF is the highest resolution and biggest file size.

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