Ever Dark: War Childe Manga – V1


Volume 1 of the Ever Dark prequel manga from Raythe and T. Wolv. 118 pages.

Format: PDF only. File size is large, 490 MB.

This story is a part of the Ever Dark world, set 2 years before Ever Dark begins.

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Best friends and monster hunters Julian Harrow and Christian Thorn are on the track of what they think is a werewolf in Coldhaven, Wisconsin. What they don’t know is that this is a Weryn War Childe: a Vampire who can shapeshift into animals and always kills his prey.

Vampire Lord Balthazar and Vampire Confessor Arcius care deeply about our two intrepid adventurers. They must stop Julian and Christian from finding the Weryn War Childe. For if the young men discover that Vampires are real, all hell will break loose.

Indeed, Vampire Preceptor Caemorn and Vampire Confessor Fiona have already been tasked by Master Vampire Artemis to kill the young men if they discover the truth.

This is a prequel manga that starts 2 years before Ever Dark begins.