Ghost: Neo-Tokyo Manga – “Date Night,” Multiple Formats


A special commissioned side story manga in full color for our Ghost: Neo-Tokyo serial story.  Yakuza, motorcycles, a hot night on the town… what’s not to like?  Preview here.

Available in PDF, ePub (Nook), and Mobi (Kindle.) We highly recommend the PDF for highest resolution.

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Tristan is a valuable Survivor, a human that can fight the vengeful spirits of the dead, the Ghosts of Neo-Tokyo.  Because of his rare ability to defeat even the most powerful ghosts, he has been bought by the Kyuubi-kai, a powerful yakuza clan, which protects him well.

And none protects Tristan better than the powerful yakuza lieutenant Yasuo Maeda.  But whatever Maeda possesses, his arch enemy, the Crow, wants to take away and Tristan is the ultimate prize.

Because of the Crow’s obsessive, deadly interest in Tristan, the young man has been practically a prisoner in the Kyuubi-kai compound to keep him safe.  But Maeda cannot bear to see Tristan sad so he arranges a hot night on the town … and an even hotter one when they get home.
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This FULL- COLOR manga for Ghost: Neo-Tokyo is something special.  The artist, Mathia Arkoniel, has spent the last 8 months creating 30 full-color, detailed pages that not only bring Maeda and Tristan to life, but also the opulent world of Neo-Tokyo. For the best quality, choose PDF format.

This manga is 18+ for sensuality.  It fits within the Ghost: Neo Tokyo timeline, but is completely extra and is not necessary to following the main story.

Please make sure you choose the correct format from the drop-down box when ordering. PDF is the highest resolution and biggest file size.

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PDF, ePub, Mobi


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