The Dark Earth Manga, Volume 7 – Multiple Formats


Volume 7 of the high fantasy yaoi romance from Raythe Reign. 90 pages plus extra short story.

Available in PDF, ePub (Nook, Android), and Mobi (Kindle).

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High fantasy yaoi romance. 90 pages plus extra short story.

After his dreamlike night with Asher … and Kyranna, Aidan’s life becomes even more entangled with the Sidhe when he wakes up.  His hunt for a job in town takes him further into the Elves’ domain when he discovers that Soo’s herb shop is a door into the Dark Earth itself!

But it is who will take him to visit that magical realm that undoes all of Aidan’s defenses against believing himself only human.  Sidhe Mage Lord Sevra has plans for Aidan, plans perhaps millennia in the making.

In the short story “The Last Mage of Liend’r”, powerful Sidhe Mage Danya Astrian laments the loss of her infant son and wonders if she made the right choice in marrying Zarakiel Vane instead of her one true love and twin brother Kyranna.  Though she believes Kyranna to be long dead, she can’t help but feel a tense hope in the Troll Market as she senses his familiar energy.

Available in PDF, ePub (Nook), and Mobi (Kindle.) PDF is the highest resolution and biggest file size.

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