The Werewolf Next Door


A stand-alone erotic manga collaboration from Raythe and T. Wolv. 177 pages, full nudity and erotic scenes, NSFW.

Format: PDF only. File size is large, over 400 MB.

This story is not a part of any existing Raythe Reign world or story.

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Clay Thomas is a lonely grad student whose life is all about his schoolwork. Yet Clay fantasizes about being the boyfriend of the handsomely rugged man next door, Ronan. Ronan rides motorcycles and is the leader of a group of tight friends who party every night, which distracts Clay from his studies.

The night before a big test, the party over at Ronan’s is louder and more enticing than ever. Desperate to study and feeling more alone than ever, Clay storms over to Ronan’s to get them to tone it down. But instead, Clay ends up in Ronan’s arms, bed and life forever

For what Clay did not know is that Ronan and his friends are werewolves, Clay is Ronan’s fated mate and the parties have been to lure him near.

This is an erotica story with explicit gay sex. Full nudity, etc.