The Merman: Undersea Audiobook

Audiobook of Book 4 of the m/m merman romance series from Raythe Reign.
3 hours and 1 minute.


Get the audiobook narrated by anime voice actor Chris Patton.

Gabriel Braven senses danger, but he’s helpless to stop it.

3 hours and 1 minute.

Gabriel’s inevitable transformation into a Mer brings him both great joy and great sadness. Though he must soon leave his human family, he is eager to experience the beauty of Imraldis, the Mer city, together with his water-dwelling lover, Casillus. As Gabriel’s protective mental barriers finally begin to drop, he can grasp the true depths of his Mer prince’s encompassing love.

But Gabriel is unusual, even for a Mer. As a rare Caller, his psychic gifts surprise even Casillus. Though they will enable him to speak mind-to-mind with Corey and Grandma G on land, they also draw him closer to Cthulhu, the alien entity whose presence means destruction and madness for the human race.

But Gabriel’s time on land is running out. He has a feeling that nothing will stop his grandmother’s lover, professor Johnson Tims, from exposing the Mer’s existence. And he is not at all sure he can hold Cthulhu back from protecting the ocean-dwelling race… and destroying the humans in the process, including Corey and Grandma G!

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