The Merman: Kidnapping Casillus


A 7,000 word short romantic Merman story.
Gabriel and Casillus finally get away for some time to themselves.

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A short, romantic story in the Merman world

The start of his life in Emralis is not what Gabriel had imagined. Instead of spending most of his boundless time with Gabriel, Mer Prince Casillus has been helping to secure the safety of their people, especially involving human-Mer relations.

Though Gabriel understands the importance of the seemingly endless meetings, the strong mental and physical bond he shares with Casillus has gone unfulfilled for too long. He decides to take matters into his own hands and whisks his lover away where the Mer Council can’t find them…

Contains meddling elders, frustrated royalty, and explicit Mer sex!

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Read Book 1 of the Merman Series Free on Amazon.

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