The Merman: Caller Audiobook (HIDDEN)

Audiobook of Book 3 of the m/m merman romance series from Raythe Reign.
3 hours and 23 minutes.


Get the audiobook narrated by anime voice actor Chris Patton.

Gabriel Braven sees monsters, but he cannot accept it.

3 hours and 23 minutes.

As Gabriel struggles to cope with his three days left on land, a new complication threatens. His grandmother’s lover, the enigmatic archaeology professor Johnson Tims, seems to know more than he should about Gabriel’s transformation.

His lifeline is his own lover, Casillus, prince of the ocean-dwelling, immortal Mer. Life on land is becoming more and more difficult, but their loving mental connection grows with Gabriel’s trust in what he is becoming.

Johnson is eager to lead him to the ancient Mer temple his team has discovered, filled with strange and dark carvings. Not even Casillus can sustain him when Gabriel is plunged into a vision of the gruesome past between the Mer and the humans… but what Gabriel discovers about himself is even more shocking.

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