Birth Rite – Audiobook

Audiobook of the gay occult story from Raythe Reign.  

2 hours and 17 minutes.

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Get the audiobook read by acclaimed voice actor Chris Patton.

A world of sex, dark magic, and old gods awaits, and the LaMascares Mansion is the doorway…

2 hours and 17 minutes.

18 year old Justin Devereaux has always been the black sheep of his family. Though his parents love him, they don’t seem to understand where his dark elfin features came from, or his attraction to the magical and mysterious, especially the LaMascares Mansion. The mansion has sat empty and abandoned as long as he can remember, but Justin feels someone in it watching over him.

Necromancer Peren LaMascares has been watching, trapped in the mansion on the hill for too many years to count. He needs a LaMascares heir to free him and bring about the family’s – and world’s – dark destiny. He finds that heir in the innocent, unsuspecting Justin, eager to initiate him into a world of sex, magic, and old gods.

Will Justin abandon his innocent life in favor of the lust-filled passion that Peren offers forever?

Get the audiobook on Amazon.


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