The Artifact Graphic Novel, Volume 1: The Job, Multiple Formats (Hidden)


Volume 1 of the gay paranormal detective graphic novel series from Raythe Reign.  Available in PDF, Mobi (Kindle), and ePub (Nook.)
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Sean Harding is a born protector. As a police detective for the wealthy city of Winter Haven, Sean thinks he has found his purpose, but then things go terribly wrong and he loses his partner, his job and even hope. That is until he meets Dane Gareis …

Dane Gareis is a wealthy, reclusive young man with a traumatic past, but a spine of steel. When his father is killed in a mysterious plane crash, Dane carries on the family business and continues his passion for the very antiquity that got his father murdered — a golden sarcophagus belonging to an ancient cult known as the Ydrath.

Soon, the Ydrath threaten him as well, and Dane seeks to hire a bodyguard he can trust. Someone who can protect him, and someone who will respect his boundaries. While he gets the first two, the third requirement falls apart when he hires Sean Harding.

Sparks immediately fly between them. And as it turns out, there is more to connect them than simply a job.

101 pages of artwork. Contains the short story “A Memory Darkly,” from this series’ beloved villain, the ambiguous Lt. Michael Branish!

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