The Artifact, Book 2: The Bodyguard, Multiple Formats (Hidden)

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Book 2 of the gay paranormal detective novel series from Raythe Reign.  Available in PDF, Mobi (Kindle), and ePub (Nook.)
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The Artifact is a gay detective romance series from Raythe Reign. The books contain a sexy bodyguard, his determined young client, an ancient golden sarcophagus, and unsolved mysteries in both their pasts…

Dane Gareis thought that he would be broken forever – unable to be touched by any man after surviving a terrible assault. But everything changed the moment that Sean Harding became his bodyguard. Though now he faces more danger than ever with the evil Ydrath seeking his life, with Sean by his side and guarding his back he’s determined to no longer be ruled by fear.

Sean Harding believed he would always be haunted by the death of his old team on the police force by the mysterious Scarred Man. But now he is ruled by a passion to keep the beautiful and brilliant Dane Gareis safe from the Ydrath at all costs. His past, however, is not so easily escaped.

The danger he and Dane face is connected to the Powder that nearly took his life, but left him with inexplicable powers.

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PDF, Mobi, ePub

1 review for The Artifact, Book 2: The Bodyguard, Multiple Formats (Hidden)

  1. Merrique

    I love this series so much I bought it twice {AND ON AUDIOBOOK!}

    The passion and love in this story is beautifully written. It develops between the characters slowly although they fell in love seemingly at first sight. It feels so real to me. Aratare wrote a wonderful occult mystery and all of the characters are interesting and lovely in their own way, hero and villain alike. What I love about her books is that the females are good characters while other writers either make them stupid, useless or cannon fodder for the plot.

    Dane and Sean’s love blossoms like all great loves and I felt their joy and fear. My heart raced, I cried and I laughed. She tackles sexual assault with understanding and care and doesn’t downplay it or act like it’s fixed just because you fall in love. Sean is a wonderful protector, but Dane grows strong for himself, Sean and the people he holds dear.

    The Ydrath are incredibly interesting and have a spectacular history. The book ends in a way that I can’t help but want more.

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