Cursed: Broken (Paperback)


The first book of the Cursed series, our m/m retelling of Beauty & The Beast.
80,000+ words.

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Nick Fairfax vows to do whatever Lord Bane Dunsaney desires for one year. In exchange, Nick’s family gets a chance to regain their fortune. Is this the worst mistake of Nick’s life, or will it lead to a love only found in fairy tales? Cursed: Broken is the first book of our modern, M/M retelling of Beauty & The Beast series.

80,000+ words.  Book 2, Cursed: Bound, is now out!

Sensitive, aspiring photographer Nick Fairfax wants nothing to do with his family’s corporate business, or their vicious, cold-blooded lifestyle. Intending to give up his inheritance and pursue his art, he arrives at his father’s office, only to find that Fairfax Industries has fallen to a scarred man in a hooded cloak.

The man is the reclusive billionaire Lord Bane Dunsaney, and he is bent on destroying the Fairfaxes. But when he sees Nick, everything changes. Bane offers the Fairfaxes the chance to regain their fortune if Nick will reside at Moon Shadow, his secluded mansion, and do whatever the billionaire wants for a whole year. Nick has no real choice other than to agree to Bane’s terms.

At Moon Shadow, Bane lords his power over Nick, going even so far as to take Nick’s phone, computer and beloved camera away. The billionaire claims such measures are to protect his privacy, but Nick is convinced they are so Bane can control him.

Each is determined to see the worst in each other. But as time passes, Nick glimpses a Bane that is much more than the cold-hearted figure that he met in his father’s office. He discovers that Bane is a man betrayed by love and no longer believes in it.

But what Nick comes to know about Bane is nothing compared to the man’s true secret. Bane is cursed.He is a tiger-shifter who has no control over his beast. And that beast wants Nick.


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