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Book 1 of the gay paranormal detective novel series from Raythe Reign.  Available in PDF, Mobi (Kindle), and ePub (Nook.)
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The Artifact is a gay detective romance series from Raythe Reign. The books contain a sexy bodyguard, his determined young client, an ancient golden sarcophagus, and unsolved mysteries in both their pasts…

When former detective Sean Harding is hired as Dane Gareis’ bodyguard, he discovers his destiny.

Dane’s life in danger from an ancient cult that seeks the return of a golden sarcophagus that houses their god. The cult has already murdered Dane’s father and Dane is next unless someone can stand between him and this evil.

Sean discovers that he wants to give more to Dane than just the protection of his gun arm. Yet Sean believes that his feelings can never be returned, because Dane fears a man’s touch.

As the danger grows all around them, can Sean save Dane both from the cult and the ghosts of his past?

54,000 words.  Available in PDF, ePub (Nook), and Mobi (Kindle.)

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PDF, Mobi, ePub

1 review for The Artifact, Book 1: The Bodyguard, Multiple Formats (Products)


    I’m so happy to read about Sean and Dane once more. They are adorable. And in this new version the background and the characters are more elaborated, that’s cool. The no touching rule is killing me but at the same time, it’s the very reason I love this story so much: every touch is like enhanced a thousand times and always make my heart clench, because of the fact that Dane won’t usually touch people. It’s like every single caress is very special and treasurable.
    And their fantasies are… VERY hot. Like need-a-shower-after-reading hot. They’re the best.
    The story is also more elaborated! It’s really nice to see Dane working and Sean taking his bodyguard job very seriously. And the last scene is awesome. Now I can’t wait for Book 2!!

    This first book is really amazing. Well written, interesting and hot. I highly recommend it!

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