Ever Dark Volume 1 – Ebook & Audiobook Bundle


Vampires are real. 

At least that’s what Julian Harrow and Christian Thorne are trying to prove with their YouTube show. But as they uncover the truth, the beautiful, seductive monsters they seek, are also seeking them. 

Lord Balthazar Ravenscroft, the roguish Vampire with the ability to read minds, finds himself drawn to Christian, determined to protect the boy, even as his quest to uncover the truth puts all of Vampire kind in danger. But worse, as Christian and Julian have discovered the Ever Dark, the Vampire’s secret world, where they risk waking the most powerful, deadly Vampire of all: Daemon the Vampire King. 

A Vampire of infinite dark power, Daemon hasn’t woken for millennia, but now something–or rather someone–has dragged him back to the world of mortals: Julian Harrow. 

Because Vampires are real, and if Julian and Christian aren’t careful they soon may find themselves joining them, bound as their eternal mates. 

Volume 1 of the Ever Dark book and audiobook series – buy them together at 50% off!

Ever Dark is a book and audiobook series with two gay vampire couples, myths and magic, and a huge cast of characters both mortal and immortal. Julian and Christian, two urban explorers, set out to prove that vampires are real, and end up finding love and destiny among them. Listen to the first two chapters:

The audiobooks is performed by a full cast of professional voice actors at Her Grace Reads Studio. You won’t recognize any of their names because they’re pseudonyms, but these actors have done work for the big and small screens, stage, and animation studios.

The series will be 9 books in total. See all volumes here.

Ever Dark Volume 1: The Vampire King Awakens (Ebook)

Book 1 of a gay romantic vampire series with many great reviews on Amazon (but it's not free on Amazon!)

Scroll down to read the summary and see the dramatic trailer video.

  • 2 human-to-vampire / vampire gay couples
  • Modern gothic setting: castles, velvet, candles, etc
  • Drama, mystery, fluff, and humor
  • Slow-ish burn: this first book isn't very spicy, but things get sexy later in the series
  • Fated love and hurt/comfort
  • Non-neurotypical MC (Christian)
  • Check out the beautiful couples in the gallery drawn by our house artists!

Ebook formats:

Choose ePub, Mobi, or PDF. PDF sucks to read on a phone, so if you're on mobile, choose ePub or Mobi.

Ever Dark Volume 1: The Vampire King Awakens (Audiobook)

The first volume of the Ever Dark audiobook series.

What you get:

  • Chapters 1-15 in MP3 to download and listen to with no edits or advertising material.
  • Zip file size is 415 MB.



In a world where Vampires are real, but hiding from humanity behind magic and seduction, Julian Harrow and Christian Thorn will expose them to the light.

Julian must prove that Vampires are real to avenge his parents’ deaths, but what happens when he realizes that the King of Vampires is his destined mate?

Vampire King Daemon chose to go into deathless sleep, abandoning his rule, to await his fated love. But when his beloved Julian wakes him, he realizes his absence caused the Vampire World to fall apart.

Christian closed his heart to all comers to protect himself after being stalked by his father’s best friend. He has no intention of ever loving anyone again, especially someone like the rake Vampire Lord Balthazar Ravenscroft.

Exiled Vampire Lord Balthazar believes he is too jaded to fall in love. His focus is on regaining his position and power in the Vampire World. But then Christian enters his life and changes everything.

Join our two couples as they forge their destinies in the Ever Dark, the World of Vampires.