Ever Dark Volume 2: The Vampire King Returns (Ebook)


Chapters 16-30 of Ever Dark in ebook form! Choose ePub, Mobi, or PDF.

Warning: PDF sucks to read on a phone, so if you’re on mobile, choose ePub or Mobi.

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Volume 2 of the Ever Dark book series in ebook format, which includes chapters 16-30.

Julian Harrow and Christian Thorne are now Vampires! And both young men have been united with their Masters after trials and tribulations. But if they thought that becoming Vampires was dangerous and exciting, being the fledglings of the exiled Lord Balthazar Ravenscroft and the Vampire King Daemon will blow that out of the water.

Because both Balthazar and Daemon have enemies that are intent on making sure that they and their new fledglings are given their Second Deaths.