Listen to Episode 1 of a gay vampire saga recorded with a full cast. If you like it there will be 147 chapters in total!

I’m Raythe, BL author, and I’m so happy you found me!

Ever Dark is a dramatic and emotional gay / BL vampire audiobook recorded by a full cast of professional voice actors. I’m publishing it on YouTube and Spotify, completely free. If this sounds like something you’d be into, enough said! Click on the link to listen to Episode 1.

This story is totally free so you have nothing to lose, but make sure you have enough time to get into the story. A lot happens…

  • Two BL couples (human-to-vampire / vampire)
  • Neurodivergent MC (Christian) with protective best friend (Julian)
  • Angsty serious MC (Daemon) with lighthearted best friend (Balthazar)
  • Kittens
  • Vampire romance bingo card: memory loss, reincarnation, redeemed villain, magical factions, ghosts, bringing characters back from the dead, soulmates, hurt/comfort
  • LONG running story! We’ve been posting one episode every week since 2021 and it’ll be 147 episodes total.

Ever Dark is performed by a full cast of professional voice actors.

Check out the main narrator’s voice in the trailer below. We’re really proud of this dramatic video, as well as all the custom art!


Why… is this free?

Because I have enough books / audiobook sales and paying subscribers on my website to support publishing it as a podcast. My little publishing project makes enough to hire these amazing actors and my art team. Because a podcast is available to everyone including young and more sensitive listeners, I’ve had to edit out the sexy and more disturbing content in a few episodes, but the story is all there to enjoy.

Ever since I was young, I just wanted to create exciting worlds and dramatic stories to entertain people, and that’s what I’m doing now with the help of good friends to help me keep things running.

So if you’re interested in letting me and my friends entertain you with a long-running story of vampires, heroes and villains, magical powers, and true love, check out Ever Dark (whole playlist is here.) I hope you love it!

– Raythe

 PS – It’s also on Spotify but I live for comments. They are as essential to me as Diet Coke. Spotify is trying to get there, but YouTube is way better for that.