Ever Dark Volume 4: The Vampire King’s Promise (Audiobook)


The fourth volume of the Ever Dark audiobook series.

What you get:

  • Chapters 46-60 in MP3 to download and listen to with no edits or advertising material.
  • Zip file size is 504 MB.
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Volume 4 of the Ever Dark book series in audiobook format, which includes chapters 46-60.

While Julian and Christian have been struggling to understand what their new Vampire lives will be going forward, they haven’t counted on their prior human lives being much more complicated. But that’s exactly the case as Christian’s parents come to dinner at  Ravenscroft Manor.

But the boys are not the only ones finding out that their pasts are going to interfere with their presents. Balthazar is struggling to accept that he is the Immortal Eyros reborn. But he may not be the only other Immortal that is back… or maybe never left.