Dragon’s Reign Volume 2: The Courtship Of The White Dragon (Ebook)


Volume 2 of Dragon’s Reign. Don’t choose PDF if you’re on a phone or tablet. Choose ePub instead.


Volume 2 of Dragon’s Reign in ebook form.

Now that Caden Bryce is the White Dragon Shifter, all of the Dragon Shifter kings and queens are converging on Reach to court him. While the Black Dragon King Valerius still claims to want Caden to leave his territory, he is just as adamant that Caden not become the mate of any of the others. 

Meanwhile, the Swarm Shifter Marban is still trying to take advantage of Caden’s heroic, kind nature. Not to mention that Humans First, sensing discord among the world’s dragons, decides to add a few more explosions to the mix.