Dragons Reign Volume 1: The Ninth Dragon Shifter (Audiobook)


The first volume of the Dragons Reign audiobook series read by the author (Raythe) and Edward Fox!

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What you get:

  • Chapters 1-15 in MP3 to download and listen to with no edits or advertising material. This is in 2 parts due to file size. Part 1 has chapters 1-8, and Part 2 has chapters 9-15.


Volume 1 of the Dragon’s Reign audiobook series, read by the author (Raythe.)

Eight dragon shifters rule the world, but then ordinary human Caden Bryce becomes the ninth, destined to be a mate to one of the eight.  Yet all Caden wants is his old life back.

Dragon King Valerius, most powerful of all the dragon shifters, is none too pleased to find another dragon in his territory.   But when the other dragon shifters come to court Caden, Valerius finds that he wants Caden as his own.