Raythe’s Birthday On Stream!

We’re trying something new this stream (April 1 – no joke). Upload a birthday message, card, or even upload a voice memo from your phone, and we’ll play them on the stream.

General instructions

You can be anonymous if you want – all the fields are optional so you could, in theory, submit a completely blank form. But that would be silly. We’d love to know who you are, so at least include your RR Member nickname, YouTube screen name, or Discord name.

What to send?

Don’t work too hard! This is an experimental thing Kat literally thought of 3 days before the stream, soooo…

  • cake gif
  • cat gif
  • voice memo
  • you can try a video, not sure if it will work bc there’s a 16MB file limit
  • photo of your pet
  • photo of a sharpied up birthday card done on a scrap paper
  • doodles

Voice memo instructions

This is new! We want at least one person to test this out, who’s willing to debug the process.

  1. Record an ordinary voice memo on your phone.
  2. Come to this page on your phone.
  3. Using the form below, upload the voice memo. It’s just an ordinary mp3 or wav file.
  4. If it didn’t work, email marketing@raythereign.com and describe what broke.

We don’t yet have a way to record voice memos right to the site, but it is possible. If enough people like doing this, we’ll put a better method in place.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a greeting!