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MTAC 2014
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Do you have a yaoi, slash, m/m, or LGBT-friendly entertainment event? Do you run a yaoi or m/m panel at a larger con? Raythe Reign can sponsor you!

We love working with the awesome community of people involved in cons and events. So far, it has been a lot of fun. We want to do more to support this great scene, both in the US and abroad.

We’re pretty new to getting involved with cons, so we are open to your suggestions about what we can do. If you’re an organizer or manage panels, chances are, you’ll know what will work best for your event and have some ideas already.

Here are some things we’ve done in the past, so far:

  • Advertised on event websites (quick and easy!)
  • Advertised in event programs
  • Sent V1 of our yaoi high fantasy manga, The Dark Earth, in print for goodie bags (US & Canada only)
  • Created special offer packages for attendees — coupons, free stuff, etc.


  • No event is too small. We love getting involved with small cons!
  • Your event should be yaoi or gay friendly.  Ideally, you’ll have separate panels for slash, yaoi, m/m fiction, etc.  We only want to advertise to people who want to see what we have to offer, and m/m and yaoi are not everyone’s thing.
  • The event should either be 18+ or have a separate adult track or panels.  Raythe Reign is not porn, but we do have sex and disturbing in our works.  We are very careful about not promoting our works to underage people.
  • Advance notice.  It would be awesome if you could contact us at least two months in advance of your event.  That way we can organize something cool, not just scramble around last minute. This is especially true if you want to distribute print books, since the lead time on that is at least two months.

To get started, email our marketing person, Kat, with this handy form:

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