Raythe Reign – Sample Story Lineup

Sample story lineup

We keep our story lineup as true as possible to the “core” of Raythe Reign: romance, adventure, supernatural happenings, and awesome heroes. Occasionally, we’ll offer an experimental selection (usually horror for Halloween) or a side-story as a seasonal bonus. The great thing about having a serial site is that no door is ever closed forever on a story.

Here are some examples of typical Raythe Reign stories. Click on any of the titles to see the full cover and summary.
A romantic, supernatural M/M retelling of Beauty and the Beast. Bane, the “beast,” a reclusive, bitter, and wealthy recluse, offers the good-hearted son of an unscrupulous businessman a choice: work for Bane for a year to save their family from ruin.

The Dark Earth.
A yaoi high fantasy epic featuring Aidan, an adopted human boy who finds out he’s not so ordinary, and Asher, a beautiful elven king who live under the ground in the elven realm. This has also gone onto the second book of (probably) five.
The Pact.
An urban fantasy series that’s just a ton of fun. Nate, a young man who has recently come into his own immense powers, meets Emrys, a hot witchcraft teacher who is vulnerable, badass, and just a bit crazy. (The Pact 1 has finished and gone on to Book 2.)

We have many more, both currently running and in the archives. This is just an example of what you can expect from us. All our stories are available to preview on the members’ site.


Community of members.

Though a serial membership is a hard road to travel, Raythe Reign started this way because Raythe is a natural serial writer. She is the opposite of a writer-on-high; she believes that storytelling is a two way street and thrives on the readers’ reactions as each chapter comes out.

We know full well that storytelling is a partnership between the writer and the audience, and we want our members to be able to participate during the development of the story itself. A Raythe Reign story is a living work.

Within our abilities, we try to make this more and more a part of what we offer through the membership. We’re damn proud of the community we’ve helped to start. Members can comment as soon as a chapter comes out. Slowly, people have been getting more vocal, not afraid to offer lively feedback, discussion, and critique.


Freedom of content.

gaylinks-smallIn recent years, however, we’ve uncovered another vital advantage to running our own private membership. We’re sure you’re aware of the boom of yaoi and M/M fiction. With articles about yaoi and slash fanfiction in major publications such as the NY Times and USA Today, no one can argue that M/M is becoming more and more mainstream.

But what you may not know is how major marketplaces, such as Amazon, are refusing to sell what they judge to be objectionable fictional content. Increasingly, this includes any sexual content that is considered non-vanilla (kinky and/or imaginative.)

As entertainment producers, we are drawn to the dramatic tension of taboos.
We often explore aspects of the forbidden in our stories, ranging from the “dark side” of magic to forbidden love. Though Raythe Reign stories’ sex scenes are usually rather vanilla and focus on romance rather than kinks, the material sometimes touches on more taboo subjects such as incest, tentacles (Cthulu!), and, shapeshifter sex in the course of our stories.

This isn’t our usual fare, but it does happen. And only because we are independent and control our own distribution can we can put works containing this more imaginative sexual content out. Our members grant us this freedom. We refuse to apologize for the depths of the human imagination — erotic and otherwise.

We’ve found ourselves blogging about this quite a lot. Our archive usually has at least one article about freedom of content in adult publishing (or lack thereof…)

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