Raythe Reign – Membership & Stand Alone Book Info

Raythe Reign Membership – What Do You Get?

abyssWe have a detailed page about our Membership, but here’s the short answer!  Members get…

  • At least 12 chapters / month (each serial gets 2 chapters each month, and we usually have 5 serials running at once.)
  • Manga pages on non-chapter days, including the hugely popular Date A Vampire.Com.
  • Back chapters of the currently-running serial stories and manga (of course.)
  • ALL completed stories from years past. This is at least 15 completed serials and a handful of short stories and novellas.
  • When a book comes out during your Membership, you will have 2 weeks to download it at no extra cost (we don’t keep them up permanently because it violates Amazon’s TOS.)
  • Commenting & discussion rights.  Members get chapters the second they’re uploaded (warts and all…) and can start commenting and discussing immediately!
  • Special seasonal gift art, usually painted by our amazing cover and portrait artist, Mathia Arkoniel.

You can see the full current lineup on our update calendar.

Stand-alone books and manga volumes.


We do understand that serial membership is not for everyone. A lot of people just want books!

Check Raythe’s Amazon page to see what’s available.  (X. Aratare = ‘wraith’ in Romanian.)

How to try us out.

If you’re not familiar with our work, we have an easy way that you can try all our stories, current and completed. The first five chapters available online for all our works. Read previews of the most popular here. You can also go to any story on the main membership site and start reading.

In addition, we often have sales (usually holiday related) on Memberships.  We will send out coupon codes to our mailing list, so join our mailing list to get those when they come out, as well as other important news.  We’ll tell you when we start a new serial story, release the next volume in our shop, or are hosting any fun online event, such as an Ask Me Anything or gift fic / art exchange.

– Raythe Reign Team